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Product Description-MILCS (V4)

Product Description-MILCS (V4) - MILCS Product...

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MILCS Product Description (Final Version) 2011/4/7 SMARTGUIDE 1G PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Disregarding the inability to trace the origin, advancement in navigation has encouraged countless technological innovation. It was not only the advent of several applications or functions besides the mapping system that enthralled customers but also the augmentation of accuracy that lured consumers. Satiation however appeared to be problematic in its efficiency and here we the MILCS is now would like to offer simple but systematic and useful product that will promote the convenience of particularly the express corporations. Name SmartGuide 1G. System In order for the product to be used effectively, proper system must be accompanied. SmartGuide 1G requires a system that can distribute information from central computer to independent navigators. After the submission of order from the customers, the information of the order will be garnered to the central servers. The
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