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Product Marketing Strategy (Final)

Product Marketing Strategy (Final) - MILCS Marketing...

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MILCS Marketing Plan (final) 06/01/2011 Marketing Plan & Strategy Sales Strategy SmartGuide1G and its subordinating system aims for long term sales in that regular basis system check- up is inevitable for operating the product and system properly. Not only MILCS aims to sell the navigation itself, but put great emphasis on system adoption as well to sustain long term business relationship with logistics corporations. MILCS will be focusing on informing the powerful facets of the product; multi destination routing system and simplified operation of products and system. Multi routing system will offer the most idealistic routes for delivery especially when there exists countless delivery order. Simplified units of navigations will be attractive to companies so that it can fully focus on effectively delivering goods. Positioning Our SmartGuide1G product is seen by the consumer as ‘handy’ Its peculiarity, simplified functions but bearing necessary ones enable easy usage. Also multi-routing system offers great tools for effective delivery. Real-time traffic system, information update for delivery consumers and products, multi-routing systems really shows how SmartGuide1G can actually ‘smartly guide’ delivery personnel to desired destinations. Branding MILCS aims to distribute the product to general logistic corporations. This does not particularly require differentiation of target market according to economic status. Bearing such devices does not have any relationship of being luxury or not. It is more of being ‘very handy’ product that the company desires to SmartGuide 1G to be known as. (For branding, we should jump out of the product and system. Try to promote our basic idea, our company’s vision and mission. Such as keep on innovating technologies to provide most convenient navigation for our customer. You can also talk about our company’s name: MILCS refer to master, innovative, lucky, creative, and superior. In a word, branding is not bring customerwhat they want, it’s more like what we want to tell and teach the customer to choose our brand, it’s more about the idea, the slogan, the logo and the image. ) Pricing Pricing Considerations Some pricing factors include: Accompanied system of the product Cost for adding applicationsand maps to the program Crude generating cost of product units Incomes of managers and other workers Shipping Cost Cost for setting promotion outlet like website and catalogue Staying on top of pricing The price is most importantly determined by how much functions it bears. Price competitiveness is one of the things that MILCS is trying to take advantage of. Only the functions necessary are left to be used. No karaoke function. No games. Nothing like ‘best place to visit for travel’ is served. Only the ones that are necessarily are offered which must cause price diminishing. Cost for system adoption and maintenance will take some portion of cost. Considering how much it saves comparing with other navigations ____________________________________________________________________________________________ 1
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