Product Operations Plan (Final)

Product Operations Plan (Final) - MILCS 06/01/2011...

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MILCS Operations Plan (final) 06/01/2011 Operations Operations Plans Plans Headquarters / Office Location While gathering our research with producing navigation to the express company nationwide, we discovered that we should provide not only products but also technology support to our customers, and that an easy way to address this issue was locating our facilities and sales staff in Korean capital city---Seoul, where we can deliver our products and services faster to meet our customers’ demands. We also found that other items were of great importance to our customers and prospective customers as well, including: Get our products from outsourcing countries quickly to reduce the transportation cost. Provide faster and good A/S to the express companies. Have a good connection and relationship with our customers. With many express company headquarters are located in Seoul, we can get access to our customers easier. Future office locations will also have to provide this access to meet growing demand and continue to provide the A/S to the customers will have come to expect. Because our products (navigations) are small and light, so it need little space for storage. We combine the office with the warehouse to reduce the inventory cost. Our building is a 132m2 office room in an 8 th floor building. The payment is $36,800(40,000,000won) for the deposit and every month $2,960(3,200,000won) for the rent. The building will provide some basic office facilities like chairs and desks. This setting meets our criteria for products distribution. The reasons for us to choose the office location are: 1) Seoul is the capital city of Korea with good transportation and technical information support. 2) It will be convenient for our company to get access to the customers because most our customers are located in Seoul city. 3) As one of our main service is to provide central system, our company can deliver faster service and keep good relationship with these express companies in Seoul. Since our building is very much a part of what we offer our customers, we have carefully shaped our overall presentation to the community. By working with a designer familiar with both the markets we serve and the clientele we want to attract and hold, we have created an environment that appeals strongly to our customers. It gives both new and returning customers a feeling of comfort and relaxation to conduct their business with us By taking the attributes of our building and location fully into account, we have created a comfort level for our customers (and employees) that encourages them to refer us to friends, associates and colleagues. Information Technology MILCS provides services that rely significantly on technology. Our primary technology focus is the relative navigation system technology: ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network ). We provide to the main control center in every express company. The picture blew shows how the system will operate: ____________________________________________________________________________________________1
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Product Operations Plan (Final) - MILCS 06/01/2011...

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