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INT 602 (Fall 2011) - INT 602 Employment Skills Seminar...

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INT 602 – Employment Skills Seminar SolBridge International School of Business Semester 1 – Fall 2011 Unit Details Prerequisites: None Co requisites: None Credits: 1 Semester offered: 1,2 Home Page: Department responsible: School of Business Unit Coordinator Mihae Maria Nahm Contact Hours Class Type Day Time Room INT 602 Wed 11.00-12.00 904 Instructor Details Instructor: Ms. Mihae Maria Nahm Room No: 1109 Consultation Hours: Tues 9-12 and Fri 9-12 or by appointment Email: [email protected] Telephone: 042-630-8849 Fax 042-630-8850 Home Page www.solbridge.ac.kr/wp Course Objectives and Methodology This one semester course is aimed at planning out a career path, learning about soft skills and applying for an internship. This course will introduce cover letter writing, resume writing, introduce some strategies to finding an internship either in Korea or back in your home country as well as a chance to practice interviewing skills using a new software program called, Interviewstream. The course will be broken down into theory and practical hands-on. Students are invited to actively participate in class work, practical group and individual sessions, workshops, tutorials and directed private study. Specific learning objectives for the units include: Conduct a skills inventory to develop a greater self knowledge to identify the right career path. Upload an internship application on-line. Actively look for an internship for the summer break to enhance job opportunities. Resume writing, cover letter writing, and using on-line and traditional methods to find a job.
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Course Outline and Scheduling , INT 602 Topic Week 1 (Aug 31) Course outline and an introduction to the Career Development Center. SolCareer website and portal Internship program – eligibility, deadline for uploading on SolCareer COMPULSORY ATTENDANCE –SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS JOB FAIR (Thurs Sept 1 at 4pm on the 4 th floor) Assignment 1 – Self reflection of where you are going - QUO VADIS? (10% mark due Sept 7) Week 2 (Sept 7) Introduction to SolBridge.Interviewstream.com Jungle of jobs – where does my resume fit it?
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