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Brief of Case19 - Brief of Case19 Facts of case Defendant...

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Brief of Case19 Facts of case: Defendant, Harris Corp. and its division, RF Systems, is an American manufacturer of radio communication products. Plaintiff, Harriscom Svenska, is defendant’s Swedish exclusive distributor of RF Systems’ products in Iran. Harriscom placed several orders to purchase RF Systems’ model 2301 radios and model 301 radios. The first shipment of model 2301 radio spare parts was detained by U.S. Customs and these goods were began to be conducted a commodity jurisdiction proceeding by State Department officials, to decide whether the particular radio was a military product that should be subject to more stringent export controls. RF Systems conducted extensive negotiations with officials, which resulted in a compromise in which the State Department said that the model 2301 radio was not subject to stringent export controls and allowed RF Systems to fill only three of eight outstanding orders and RF Systems agreed to voluntarily withdraw from further sales to Iran. Therefore, RF Systems was
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