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Case brief 15: Supreme Court, New York County, New York. CROPSEY v. SWEENEY June Term, 1858. Facts: In 1821, the marriage ceremony was solemnized in due form of law between the plaintiff and James Ridgeway, but James knew his wife Catharine, whom he had been married in the year 1812 and from whom he had separated in 1815, was living, so he couldn’t contract a legal marriage with the plaintiff. proceedings were instituted against James Ridgeway for divorce by Catharine. In 1822, a decree was made dissolving the marriage between the said Catharine and James. In 1825, the marriage ceremony was again solemnized in due form of law between the said plaintiff and the said James Ridgeway. From the time of the first marriage ceremony until James Ridgeway's death in 1847, the plaintiff and the said James lived and cohabited together as husband and wife, and were reputed as such. that the plaintiff. With the usual care and management of the domestic affairs of plaintiff, the said James was successful in his business and accumulated a fortune, which at the time of his death
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