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Case brief 16: Shaw v. Shaw and Another. Court of Appeal Singleton, Denning and Morris L.JJ. 1954, June 25. Facts: The plaintiff, a widow and Percy who described himself to her as a widower lived as husband and wife for 14 years from 1938. But actually Percy had a wife, had no evidence when Percy parted from his wife, and she died in 1950. During their life, plaintiff advanced to Percy 250 dollar which she had saved before the marriage to assist him in acquiring land, and to pay for agricultural machinery. They lived together without being married but plaintiff believed that she was legitimately married to Percy some two months after Mrs. Shaw died. Issue: Was the plaintiff Percy’s widow? Whether or not should the plaintiff be entitled to damages for breach of promise? Holding: There is judgment for the defendants. The plaintiff was entitled to the damages for breach of promise. The fair of assessment of the damage was 1000 dollar. Rationale:
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