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Questions: 1. Changing fair market value within few days can be viewed as a specific occasion, why two parties didn’t consider when made the contract? (Setting price by using fair market value when made the contract is a part of consideration. It’s a kind of remedy that if something happened and caused the change of fair market value, what should two parties do. These two are irrelevant.) Moreover, if we don't use fair market value, which kind of value do you think is better for applied to make valid contract? 2. “Only sales at fair market value should be considered valid contracts” doesn’t mean the fair market value is the only elements for valid contract. It means when considering the value, we should only use fair market value. (I don’t know how to
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Unformatted text preview: make it as a question sentence now.) 3. What do you mean “not efficient”? Can you explain what the “efficient market” means? (Efficient market should be informationally efficiency, which means all the information are available for the participants in the market, and the participants can, according to the information, react as soon as possible. It means that in an efficient market, the market price should be very sensitive to the information; it will always change according the information. Since the fair market value changes all the time according to the situation, isn’t that means it more efficient to the market? ) Here is the basic question I came up with. For each question, I will go further according to your answers....
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