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The Virtual Society (Version 28 July 2011) People increasingly live a virtual life. Nature is decreasing all over the world – especially in city- close locations. They go virtual of necessity, but maybe also because they prefer to do it this way. It is easier, as you don’t have to be physical active, but can sit behind a computer screen or a TV set. The exploding increase in world population is one of the explanations behind this trend. Migration from rural areas to urban areas is another. The rapid development in technology – not at least communication technology is third explanation that favors a virtual life. Being active in nature demands you to walk, climb, swim or whatever physical activity that is demanded. You become tired, sweaty, and uncomfortable, whereas you can sit in a comfortable chair in front of a PC or TV-screen and watch scenes from nature. By being virtually connected people can realize sceneries of nature that is so enjoyable. It comes to you. You don’t have to move. Also, the film makers get closer to nature than you yourself is
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