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PubH 6420 Introduction to SAS Programming Course Syllabus and Schedule Fall 2011 Credits: 1 Meeting Days: Monday Meeting Time: 11:15 – 12:05 Meeting Place: Mayo 1250 Instructor: Greg Grandits Office Address: 2221 University Avenue SE, Suite 200 Office Phone: 612 – 626 - 9033 Fax: 612 – 626 - 9054 E-mail: [email protected] Office Hours: TBA I. Course Description This class is an introduction to the use of the SAS programming language for the analysis if biomedical data. After an introduction to the SAS environment on a PC, SAS will be used to write programs for reading and processing data, and for descriptive and basic statistical analysis. II. Course Prerequisites None. III. Course Goals and Objectives By the end of the course, students should be able to write SAS programs for data management, presentation, and analysis. Run SAS programs in a PC environment Read raw input files from various sources and create SAS datasets Define new variables from variables read-in. Use SAS procedures to describe data numerically and graphically. Annotate SAS output with informative titles, labels, and formats. Work with SAS datasets: sort, subset, merge, and re-format SAS datasets Use SAS procedures for basic statistical inference: Chi-square tests, T-Tests, ANOVA, Regression, etc. Export SAS data and output to other computers and software IV. Methods of Instruction and Work Expectations Class will consist of once a week lectures, covering SAS programs contained in the class notes. Some online programming will be incorporated into the class period. Computer work will be done by running SAS on personal computer or computers on campus. A monitored computer lab will be available during select times in Mayo C381. 1
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V. Course Text and Readings Cody and Smith: Applied Statistics and the SAS Programming Language, 5 th Edition. Course packet (will be available on class website) Supplemental Text: Delwiche and Slaughter: The Little SAS Book, 4 th edition. VI. Course Outline/Weekly Schedule Week 1 Introduction to SAS (Practice assignment – not graded) (Sep 12) - structure of data, types of data - introduction to data step and procedures - rules for SAS statements - SAS environment on PC - running a SAS program, log and output windows Reading: C&S: Chapter 1; LSB: Chapter 1 Week 2 Reading in data (Assignment 1 given) (Sep 19) - list input, comma and tab delimited data, data from Excel, column input, informats, PROC IMPORT - reading data from external file - problems in reading data Reading: C & S: Chapter 12:A-F, I, J; Chapter 13:A-D, G; LSB: Chapter 2 Programs: 1-2 Weeks 3 Describing data (Part 1) (Assignment 1 due, Assignment 2 given) (Sep 26) - PROC PRINT, MEANS, UNIVARIATE - summary statistics and graphical displays for numeric data - controlling the output generated using ODS Reading: C &S: Chapter 2:A-C,E; LSB: 4:1-4,9; 5:1-2; 8:1-4,7,8 Program 3 Weeks 4 Describing data (Part 2) (Oct 3) - PROC FREQ, SGPLOT, CORR, REG - summary statistics and graphical displays for categorical data 2
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syllabus2011 - PubH 6420 Introduction to SAS Programming...

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