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From Diabetes Care 1999; 22:896–903 weight loss between the two groups at the a5 0.05 level. Excluded data One subject in the standard therapy group had fasting plasma triglycerides at baseline . 2,000 mg/dl, so this value was excluded as an outlier from both baseline and 12-month change comparisons. One subject from the combination therapy group was excluded from the linear re- gression estimate because the subject’s weight loss was more than twice as large as any other subject and would have led to extrapolating the regression line. This subject’s weight decreased by 20 kg and ued study participation before 1 year. Rea- sons for discontinuation were inability to keep study visits (two subjects), desire to start a commercial weight loss program (two subjects), and personal reasons (one subject). Thus, 54 subjects (92%) com- pleted 12 months of study participation. There were no signiFcant differences between the two treatment groups in baseline demographic, clinical, or meta- bolic parameters (Table 1). The majority
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