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hw5 - PubH 6470 Fall 2011 1 Homework 5 due Tuesday 15...

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PubH 6470, Fall 2011 1 Homework 5: due Tuesday, 15 November BMI percentiles. Body mass index (BMI) is defined as (weight in kg) (height in m) 2 . BMI is used to measure obesity in adults, but is not computed for children. Instead, there are distributions of BMI by age and gender, often shown in growth charts for children; Google BMI percentile and check the CDC website for examples of growth charts. Next, Google SAS BMI percentile. One of the first hits will be the CDC Growth Chart Resources page, with links to SAS code and directions for using this code. Refer to notes from Lecture 6 about the macro %LET . The spreadsheet HW5 NHANES3 Exam.xls contains children aged 2–17 from the NHANES III Examination data that we used for an earlier homework, so you can refer to the same documentation. 1. Use the CDC code to compute BMI percentile for the children in the spreadsheet. See Lecture 12 for notes about finding the path to a file.
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