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PubH 6470, Fall 2011 1 Midterm Exam due 11:15 am in class, 1 Nov Rules for the exam: 1. Do not discuss the exam with other students or TAs. Email questions to me. I will have extra of- fice hours: 2-3 on both 28 and 31 October. 2. Limit your answer to 3 pages, one side of each page. Please attach a copy of your SAS code as an appendix to your answer—this does not count as part of your 3 pages. You will lose points for extra pages. 3. All SAS output should be in Consolas font. This exam uses data ( midterm-2011.xls ) from a cohort study of adults with type I diabetes. The variables are: id = participant’s ID number; AER = albumin excretion rate. This is a mea- sure of kidney function; low numbers are good because the kidneys are not supposed to excrete very much albumin. WHR = waist-hip-ratio = circumference at waist di- vided by circumference at hip. This is a measure of obesity; low numbers are good. sex
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