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hw3 - X i ∼ Binomial N i,p where i refers to the county...

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Homework 3 Due Oct 11, 2011 Be aware that clarity and showing your work are important. Getting the right answer is less important than how you get to that answer and grading will re- flect that. Similarly, your results, especially when I ask for graphics, should be easily interpretable. Graphs should have labeled axes, titles and legends. and 1. In the lecture notes, I demonstrated use of the binomial distribution for the number of SIDS deaths in two Minnesota counties. Rather than model the number of deaths as
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Unformatted text preview: X i ∼ Binomial ( N i ,p ), where i refers to the county, we could have modeled it using the Poisson distribution. How would we do this (What would the parameter for the Poisson distribution be)? Graph the results, for each county, comparing the Binomial to the Poisson pdf. Which is better? Why? 2. Give an example of when what type of data and substantive question would lead you to use a Bernoulli, binomial, Poisson, geometric and hy-pergeometric distribution. (Don’t use examples from class or your book) 1...
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