F00-Syllabus - PubH 7405 section 01 Biostatistics...

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1 PubH 7405 section 01 Biostatistics Regression Course Syllabus Fall Semester 2010 Credits: 4 Meeting Time: 10:10-12:05 Mondays and Wednesdays Meeting Place: TC - East Bank Instructor: Chap T. Le, Distinguished Professor of Biostatistics Office Address: A441 Mayo Office Phone: 4-9963 Fax: 4-0660 E-mail: chap@umn.edu Office Hours: 1:15-2:15 Mondays and Wednesdays I. Course Description The course will cover standard topics in simple and multiple linear regression: models in matrix notation; diagnostics and remedies; ordinary and weighted least squares; model building; biomedical applications. II. Course Prerequisites Graduate student in Biostatistics or related fileds; at least one course in applied statistics; some background in calculus and matrix algebra, and some familiarity with SAS and/or other computer packages. III. Learning Objectives To master the methods of recorrelation and multiple regression in biostatistics and their applications IV. Methods of Instruction and Work Expectations Instruction consists mostly of formal lectures plus one hour of lab on SAS computation V. Evaluation and Grading There are two in-class exams, plus a group presentation. Grades: A=(90%-100%), B+=(86%-89%), B=(80%-85%), B-=(78%-79%), C+=(70%-77%), C(65%-70%), N=Below (65%) Please note the following: If applicable, students may change grading options during the initial registration period or during the first
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F00-Syllabus - PubH 7405 section 01 Biostatistics...

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