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PUBH 7430 – Assignment 0 September 8, 2011 To be discussed September 13, 2011 Your assignment is to download and explore a dataset which we will be using several times during the semester. The carot data are extracted from a clinical trial testing the effects of different doses of beta-carotene on serum beta-carotene and vitamin E levels. Instructions: 1. Download the data from the course website http://www.biostat.umn.edu/ ~ julianw/ courses/pubh7430/ . The data are provided in CSV (comma-separated value) format. Import the data into your statistical program of choice (eg. R, SAS, Stata, etc.) If you have trouble importing the data, please see the course discussion board or contact me or the TA . 2. Read the documentation (carot.doc) accompanying the dataset to familiarize yourself
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Unformatted text preview: with the variables. 3. Summarize, both statistically and graphically, how serum beta-carotene and vitamin E levels changes over time for different supplementation doses. For an added challenge, explore how the efficacy of treatment varies according to patient characteristics (sex, BMI, percent body fat, etc.) Note: Don’t worry about getting the “right” answer; the point of this exercise is to famil-iarize you with longitudinal data and get you thinking about the analysis issues that arise. For this mini-assignmment, you won’t be handing anything in, but come to class prepared to discuss the dataset. 1...
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