A1 - PUBH 7430 Assignment 1 Due at the beginning of class...

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PUBH 7430 Assignment 1 September 15, 2011 Due: September 27, 2011 at the beginning of class On this assignment, as in all homeworks, UNEDITED COMPUTER OUTPUT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE . Tables and plots prepared from statistical output should be appro- priate for inclusion in a scientific report, with all statistics rounded to a reasonable number of significant digits. Background Each year the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School sets aside a “Discovery Day” during which the general public is invited into their laboratories. This dataset is from October 21st 1995, when visitors could test their reaction times and hand-eye coordination in the Human Systems Integration Laboratory. The variable of interest, “anticipatory timing”, was measured by a Bassin timer, which measures a person’s ability to estimate the speed of a moving light and its arrival at a designated point. The timer consists of a 10 foot row of lights which is controlled by a variable speed potentiometer. The lights are switched on sequentially from one end to the other so that light “travels” at 5 miles per hour down the timer. Each visitor was instructed to anticipate the “arrival” of the light at one end of the timer and at that time
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A1 - PUBH 7430 Assignment 1 Due at the beginning of class...

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