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Common mistakes/Suggestions for Assignment 2 Question 1 : Since the first question is about exploratory analysis, you need to provide plots (and not just summary statistics) in order to justify the claims that you make. You are not required to provide any statistical test in this step to rigorously justify your claims. It is a better idea to give Lowess curves for the 2 groups instead of 2 regression lines since the lowess curves helps us see the variation over time for both the groups. It is a good idea to remove individual observations (else it’s too cluttered to see) when providing the loess curves. Also, don’t forget to display appropriate labels on your plots. Be careful with the time scale. Since our objective is treatment comparison, try giving the loess curves corresponding to both treatments in one single plot to make the overall comparison easier to make. Also do not just compare the treatments for each of the time points (using mean, variance etc.) but also talk about the overall trend that you see for the treatments. In this case, the
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A2suggestions - Common mistakes/Suggestions for Assignment...

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