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Course Syllabus 1 PubH 8452 Advanced Longitudinal Data Analysis Fall 2011 Credits: 3 Meeting Days: Monday, Wednesday and Friday Meeting Time: 11:15AM-12:05PM MWF (09/06/2011-12/14/2011) Meeting Place: Moos Health Sci Tower 1-440, TCEASTBANK Instructor: Dr. Xianghua Luo Office Address: 420 Delaware St. SE, Room A455 Office Phone: 612-6242158 Fax: 612-6260660 E-mail: [email protected] Office Hours: Monday 1:00PM-2:00PM or by appointment Course Website: I. Course Description Methods of inference for correlated outcome variables, with a special emphasis on repeated measurements in medical studies. Linear/nonlinear models with either normal or non-normal error structures. Random effects. Transitional/marginal models. II. Course Prerequisites Theory of statistical inference (estimation and testing, asymptotics) at or above the level of Stat 8101-2. Stat 8111-2 is recommended. Linear models (linear algebra, least square, multivariate normal distribution) (Stat 8311 required). Familiarity with a statistical software package to carry out the computation (including data analysis and simulation). R is highly recommended and will be used throughout by the instructor. Or permission of the Instructor. III. Course Goals and Objectives After taking the course, the students are expected to: understand the theory, assumptions and properties of various statistical methods for the analysis of longitudinal data. be able to carry out the appropriate analyses (including exploratory) of longitudinal data using suitable statistical software and present the results.
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2 IV. Methods of Instruction and Work Expectations Mostly there will be lectures. The notes will be distributed in the classroom prior to the lecture and will also be available on the course website afterward. Additional reading materials will be distributed as needed. Work expectations: Students are expected to attend class, participate in class discussion, and complete all assigned homework, presentation, and project. V. Course Text and Readings Textbook (Required) Diggle, Heagerty, Liang and Zeger (2002), Analysis of Longitudinal Data, 2nd Edition, Oxford University Press. Readings (Optional) Hedeker and Gibbons (2006). Longitudinal Data Analysis. Johns Wiley & Sons, Inc. ISBN-10: 0-471- 42027-1. ISBN-13: 978-0-471-42027-9. Fitzmaurice, Laird and Ware (2004). Applied Longitudinal Analysis. John Wiley and Sons. ISBN: 0-471- 21487-6. McCullaph and Nelder (1989). Generalized linear models. 2nd Edition, Chapman and Hall. ISBN: 0-412-
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syllabus-PubH8452 - Course Syllabus PubH 8452 Advanced...

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