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Homework_3 - P u b H 8 4 0 0 0 1 R ic h ly p a r a m e t e...

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PubH 8400-01, Richly-parameterized models, Spring 2010 Homework #3, assigned Tue, Feb 16: DO #1 AND EITHER #2 OR #3 # 1. Derive the degrees of freedom in the fitted values for smoothed ANOVA (page ID 2/10 of the transparencies). Hint: remember A 1 'A 1 = cn I M , A 2 'A 2 = cn I N , A 1 'A 2 = 0. INSTRUCTIONS APPLYING TO QUESTIONS 2 AND 3: Report your work explicitly. Your report should include the following: (i) Say whether it is a Bayesian or conventional analysis. (ii) Say which software you used; include any code you've written as an appendix. If your analysis includes a penalized spline: (iii) Describe the basis you used, including -- the number of knots and how you placed them (do not say "I used the program's default"; say what that default is) -- the type of basis functions (broken-stick linear, radial, etc.). (iv) Describe the penalty (probably simple, but describe it anyway). (v) Give a plot showing the data and the fit.
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