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Homework_4 - P u b H 8 4 0 0 0 1 R ic h ly p a r a m e t e...

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PubH 8400-01 Richly-parameterized models, Spring 2010 Homework #4, assigned Tue Mar 2. Write a short proposal (1-2 pages) for your class project. When you hand in your proposal, we will schedule a short meeting (~ 30 minutes) to discuss it. Your proposal should include: -- Any background you need to state the problem you plan to solve. -- A statement of the problem you plan to solve. -- The approach you intend to take to solve the problem. -- Your hypothesis (guess?) about what the results will be. In the background section, assume the reader (me) knows everything in the course notes and RWC’s book, including the notation, so you don’t have to spend time defining that stuff. If you need to introduce a technique or model we have not studied, describe it briefly, emphasizing qualitative features that are relevant to the problem you plan to solve, and give a reference or two where the technique or model is described. In describing the approach you plan to take, give enough technical detail so that the reader (me)
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