Series acidity of phenols phenols are weak acids and

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Unformatted text preview: rganic Lecture Series Acidity of Phenols • Phenols are weak acids and react with strong bases to form water-soluble salts – water-insoluble phenols dissolve in NaOH(aq) 7 Organic Lecture Series Acidity of Phenols – most phenols do not react with weak bases such as NaHCO3; they do not dissolve in aqueous NaHCO3 8 Organic Organic Lecture Series Alkyl-Aryl Ethers • Alkyl-aryl ethers can be prepared by the Williamson ether synthesis – but only using phenoxide salts and haloalkanes – haloarenes are unreactive to SN2 reactions X + RO - N a + no reaction 9 Alkyl-Aryl Ethers Organic Lecture Series The following two examples illustrate 1. the use of a phase-transfer catalyst 2. the use of dimethyl sulfate as a methylating agent 10 Benzylic Oxidation Organic Organic Lecture Series • Benzene is unaffected by strong oxidizing agents such as H2CrO4 and KMnO4 – halogen and nitro substituents are also unaffected by these reagents – an alkyl group with at least one hydrogen on its benzylic carbon is oxidized to a carboxyl group 11 Not responsible for mechanism Benzylic Oxidation Organic Lecture Series – if there is more than one alkyl group on th...
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