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• All specifications are subject to change without notice. • Conformity to RoHS Directive: This means that, in conformity with EU Directive 2002/95/EC, lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, and specific bromine-based flame retardants, PBB and PBDE, have not been used, except for exempted applications. PS series Piezoelectronic Buzzers Pin terminal/Lead Without oscillator circuit Issue date: July 2008
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(1/6) • All specifications are subject to change without notice. Piezoelectronic Buzzers(without circuit) PS Series(Pin Terminal/Lead) FEATURES • The PS series are high-performance buzzers that employ unimorph piezoelectric elements and are designed for easy incorporation into various circuits. • They feature extremely low power consumption in comparison to electromagnetic units. • Because these buzzers are designed for external excitation, the same part can serve as both a musical tone oscillator and a buzzer. • They can be used with automated inserters. Moisture-resistant models are also available. • The lead wire type(PS1550L40N) with both-sided adhesive tape installed easily is prepared. APPLICATIONS Electric ranges, washing machines, computer terminals, various devices that require speech synthesis output. SOUND MEASURING METHOD SPECIFICATIONS AND CHARACTERISTICS Conformity to RoHS Directive DC power supply Driver circuit Piezoelectric buzzer Standard microphone AMP Filter (A curve) Recorder Frequency counter Measuring distance 10cm Anechoic chamber Testing input voltage Type Par t No. External dimensions Characteristics Outer diameter (mm) Height (mm) Pitch (mm) Sound pressure (dB(A)/10cm) Frequency (kHz) Input voltage (Vo-p)[Rectangular wave] PS12 Type PS1240P02BT ø12.2 6.5 5 70 min. 4 3 PS1240P02CT3 ø12.2 3.5 5 60 min. 4 3 PS14 Type PS1440P02BT ø14 8 5 75 min. 4 3 PS1420P02CT ø14 11 5 70 min. 2 5 PS17 Type PS1720P02 ø17 8 10 70 min. 2 3 PS19 Type PS1927P02 ø19 10.5 [excluding terminal] 20 90 min. 2.7 10 PS1920P02 ø19 10.5 [excluding terminal] 20 80 min. 2 10 Others PS1550L40N ø15 1.6 Depend on the installation condition Part No. Applications Features PS12 Type PS1240P02BT For warning and alarm sounds of home appliances(air conditioners, refrigerators, fan forced heaters, cordless telephones, etc.) • Compact • Automatic mountable • 12.7mm pitch radial taping PS1240P02CT3 • Thin type • Automatic mountable • 12.7mm pitch radial taping PS14 Type PS1440P02BT • High sound pressure • Automatic mountable • 15mm pitch radial taping PS1420P02CT • Low frequency tone • Automatic mountable • 15mm pitch radial taping PS17 Type PS1720P02 • Low frequency tone • High sound pressure PS19 Type PS1927P02 For potted circuit (washing machines, drying machines, hot water supply systems, etc.) • High sound pressure • Water-proof processing element PS1920P02 • Low frequency tone • Water-proof processing element Others PS1550L40N Digital camera • Compact, Thin type • Fix in both-sided adhesive tape
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Buzzer_Datasheet - Piezoelectronic Buzzers Pin...

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