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UNIVERSITY OF CONNECTICUT Fall 2011 ECE 3411: Microprocessor Application Laboratory Lab 7 Oct 24 and due in Oct 31 1 Lab 7: Temperature Sensor (Combined ADC, LCD, and Sensor) 1. Objectives Further understanding of the analog-digital converter usage with actual temperature sensor. Practice LCD indicator for the user graphical interface. 2. Related documents Lecture #3 and lab #3. Temperature Sensor Datasheet 3. Lab assignments: 1) Read the temperature value and display it to LCD. Configure your board to make an analog to digital conversion reading of the temperature sensor value. Once you have the value read, you need to perform the necessary calculations to have numbers that represent the temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius. Finally, display those values on your LCD so the screen appears in the format: XX.X°F XX.X°C 2) Develop a “rain guage indicator” on the LCD using one of your ADC potentiometers as input. A rain guage indicator is simply a display that increases proportionally to some other variable.
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