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syllabus - Computer Science E-76 Building Mobile...

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Syllabus version 1.7 Instructors Dan Armendariz [email protected] David J. Malan [email protected] Description Today ʼ s applications are increasingly mobile. Computers are no longer confined to desks and laps but instead live in our pockets and hands. This course teaches students how to build mobile apps for Android and iOS, two of today's most popular platforms, and how to deploy them in Android Market and the App Store. Students learn to write native apps for Android using Eclipse and the Android SDK, to write native apps for iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads using Xcode and the iOS SDK, and to write web apps for both platforms. Prerequisites Prior programming experience in any object-oriented language and familiarity with HTML is assumed. Distance students must have access to an Intel-based Mac running Mac OS X Snow Leopard version 10.6.4 or later. Local students will have access to Macs on campus as needed. Computer Science E-76: Building Mobile Applications Harvard Extension School Spring 2011 1 of 6
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Expectations Students are expected to attend or watch all lectures and sections and to submit all projects. Grades Your final grade will be based on your performance on the course ʼ s projects. Projects will be evaluated along the axes of correctness, design, and style. Website The address of the course ʼ s website is: https://www.cs76.net/ Staff To contact the staff, email: [email protected] Lectures Lectures take place on Tuesdays from 5:30pm ET until 7:30pm ET in Northwest Science B103 at 52 Oxford Street. Lectures are filmed and posted to the course ʼ s website within 72 hours in streaming and downloadable formats (MP3 and MP4).
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