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Learning Chinese Unit 1 Vocabulary (in order of presentation) 16J10 1 dì-yī nu first 第一 nián n/m year yuè n moon; month hào bf (with dates, house numbers) yīyuè n January 一月 bf sun; day hǎo sv good máng sv busy lèi sv tired è sv hungry 饿 sv thirsty jǐnzhāng sv nervous; tense 紧张 shūfu sv comfortable 舒服 lěng sv cold sv hot gāo sv tall duì sv correct; right hěn adv quite, very ma ptcl (yes-no questions) bù; bú adv not tài adv too; very hái; háishi adv still; yet ; 还是 jīntiān n today 今天 zuótiān n yesterday 昨天 míngtiān n tomorrow 明天 huì v can; be able to; be likely le ptcl change of state; completion yǐqián n formerly; before; used to [be] 以前 cóngqián n before; in the past 从前 běnlái n originally; at first 本来 xiànzài n now; at present 现在 zuìjìn n recently; lately 最近 mùqián n at present; currently 目前 zán ~ zánmen
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This note was uploaded on 11/11/2011 for the course CHINESE 1 taught by Professor Juliank.wheatley, during the Fall '11 term at Montgomery College.

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Unit%201%20Voc%20book%20order%2016J10 - Learning Chinese...

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