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Unformatted text preview: Psychology C120 / CogSci C100 CogLab Assignments Purpose You have been assigned to complete a number of classical experiments using the CogLab website. The purposes of these assignments are: • To make the study procedures that you read about in the textbook more concrete and understandable. • To let you experience what it feels like to complete various study procedures, and to connect this with what you are learning about how the mind works. Completing Experiments It is suggested that you complete the experiments that you have been assigned after having read about them in the chapter. You should also read the online text that precedes the experiment. Both material in the online text and details of the experiment itself are fair game for exams! Post Experiment Paragraph In addition to completing the experiment procedures, you also need to write a short paragraph that will help you connect what you did in the experiment with other cours...
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