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Recap the procedures that you underwent in this

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Unformatted text preview: e material. Use the following prompt when writing: • Describe the cognitive process (or phenomenon) that this experiment is investigating. • Recap the procedures that you underwent in this experiment. • Explain how the procedures that you just went through are an objective test of this process. • Describe the study’s (intended) results, and explain the significance of these results to the topic of the current chapter. For example, in the first class we discussed how you would use reaction times to test whether people multiply two numbers by repeated addition, or by recalling the result from memory. Suppose that you had taken part in an experiment where you solved simple multiplication problems (e.g., multiplying two integers between one and 12), and the computer recorded your reaction time. Here is what you might write: This experiment tests how people do simple multiplication (e.g., 9 x 4)....
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