You must write this paragraph by yourself though you

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Unformatted text preview: have known if you’d read about this experiment in the book—which you won’t, since it’s a made up example.) Writing this paragraph is intended to be helpful to you, not just something that you do to earn points. Therefore, you should both save a copy of what you write for your notes, and you should write the paragraph in a way that is most helpful to you. However, make sure that you touch on the four points in the prompt. You must write this paragraph by yourself! Though you may discuss your answers with others (in fact, you are encouraged to study together!), you must write your own paragraph in your own words! You will turn in your paragraph by copying ­and ­pasting it into a textbox using the “Assignments” area of bSpace. Your paragraph will be graded on completion. Deadlines You need to complete both the experiment and the paragraph by 11:59 PM of the night before the experiment was assigned. Here is a table of due dates. (Changes may be announced in lecture.) Experiment Speech & Language — Categorical...
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