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CogLab Instructions

CogLab Instructions - Instructions for getting started with...

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Instructions for getting started with CogLab These instructions describe how students in the class Psych C120 / CogSci C100 for instructor Kyle E. Jennings at University of California, Berkeley create their individual accounts. Students in other classes will follow similar directions, but the log-in IDs and passwords will be different. 1. Open your Web browser and go to http://coglab.wadsworth.com/Information/studentscreate.shtml 2. Go to the bottom of the Web page. There should be three text fields and one button. If these are not visible, your Web browser does not have Java enabled or has an out of date version of Java. Go to the CogLab Browser Check page for details. 3. In the top text field, enter the group ID: UCB-2011-Summer-D . In the second text field, enter the access password: alohomora . In the third text field, enter your registration code. The registration code could be in one of several formats. It may be on a sticker on the inside front cover of your CogLab Student Manual. It may have been bundled with your textbook on a postcard. Or, you may have
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