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Exam 2 Review Sheet - Psych C120 CogSci C100 Review Sheet...

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Psych C120 / CogSci C100 Review Sheet for Exam 2 General notes (new): In general, the Exam is NOT cumulative. I may refer to concepts or phenomena from the previous unit, but only in the context of a question about something in this unit. If I do refer to ideas from Unit I, I will provide more context than I would for material in this unit. While I have not listed any studies speciFcally in the study guide, I will test you on the details of the methods, results, and implications of these studies, to the level of detail described in class. As before, I don't expect you to be able to recall these details from the study authors and year alone. DISCLAIMERS (same as for Exam 1): This is a study aid only that is being provided as a courtesy. It is not a precise listing of what will and won't be on the exam. In addition to knowing the information listed under each lecture, you should feel comfortable answering the speciFc questions posted at the beginning of each unit, even if doing so goes beyond what's listed on the study guide. Though I don't believe that there are things on the exam that are not on this study guide, I cannot guarantee that. If, after taking the exam, you feel that the exam tested things beyond what is listed here, then that is unfortunate, but it is not grounds for discarding a question. As I have said before, you can gauge what parts of the reading to focus on by looking at what I cover in lecture. These are cues to help you think about what information to study. As always, you should feel free to ask questions about material that you Fnd confusing. However, if you don't know what one of the entries on this list means, or can't think of any examples, then please do a very thorough review of the book and your notes before asking me—that's part of the studying process! Note that your test will have the same format at Exam 1. SpeciFcally: About 50 multiple choice questions One essay question where you will choose one prompt from among a few possible choices. Many of these prompts will be based on the motivating questions that accompanied lectures 2.1 through 2.5, or the
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Exam 2 Review Sheet - Psych C120 CogSci C100 Review Sheet...

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