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SubElimDecMap - N 1 E1 predominate Note If tBuOK is the...

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Substitution/Elimination Decision Map Primary Haloalkane Methyl Halide Tertiary Haloalkane E2 S N 1/E1 Very Weak Base ? S N 2 t BuOK ? Yes E2 No S N 2 Yes No For S N 2 Remember Chiral Center InVERSiON For E2 Remember anti-periplanar and Zaitsev For S N 1 Remember Chiral Center Scrambling For E1 Remember Zaitsev Note: With Very Weak Bases, S N 2 can compete here, but for the purposes of this class, assume S
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Unformatted text preview: N 1 / E1 predominate Note: If tBuOK is the very strong base, an appreciable amount of a non-Zaitsev product can be formed because the bulky tBuOK will tend to react with the most accessible H atom. Secondary Haloalkane or Allylic/Benzylic Halides S N 1/E1 Very Weak Base ? Yes Very Strong Base ? Yes E2 No S N 2 * ** * **...
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