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ETH 125 Week 6 CheckPoint Legislation Legacy

ETH 125 Week 6 CheckPoint Legislation Legacy - it will also...

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Legislation Legacy One current issue between Native American Indians and the Federal Government has to do with The National Congress of Americans Indians proposed fiscal year budget. It called for modest increases in a variety of federal programs, making a case that more money is required for American Indians and Alaska Native programs, because of historic underfunding (Trahart, 2/1/11). Senator Rand Paul (R- Kentucky) desperately wants to cut the federal budget and wants to stomp all over federal trust responsibility and treaty obligations to Indians. The proposal introduced into Congress on January 25, 2011 by the newly elected Senator, calls for the elimination of funding to the Bureau of Indian Affairs. It also proposes trimming almost half of the Department of Health and Human Services’ Indian Health Service budget this year. If the proposal by Senator Rand Paul is accepted, the United States will be more financially stable, but
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Unformatted text preview: it will also be breaking the law. This is because the Bureau of Indian Affairs and Indian Health Services are the main agencies of the Federal Government, which have worked with and for Indians, carrying out federal trust responsibility and treaty obligations, called for in the United States Constitution. For many Native American Indians, Senator Rand Paul’s proposed plan is an insult to them. This plan indicates that the Senator has no awareness of American Indian history (Capriccioso, 2/8/11). I believe the legislation is linked to the issue, because of the National Congress of American Indians is asking for a modest increase in funding for a variety of federal programs, but at the same time, Senator Rand Paul is proposing the elimination of funding for federal programs for Native American programs and agencies. I believe that this would also explain the connection....
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