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FP 101 Week 6 Assignment - done to the vehicle or to put...

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Buy vs. Lease Scenario Week 6 Assignment What recommendation does the calculator make for you? The calculator recommended that I lease my next vehicle. Which I do not agree with. I prefer to buy my next vehicle due to the fact that I like to keep my vehicle for as long as possible. Did the recommendation change the way you previously thought about buying vs. leasing a car? No, the recommendation did not change the way that I previously though about buying versus leasing. I think for me, that buying a vehicle is a smarter choice. I have a family and do not have the time nor the extra money to put towards a vehicle that I would be leasing. I would not have the extra money at the end of my lease to put towards any dents & dings that have been
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Unformatted text preview: done to the vehicle or to put towards any additional mileage that I may have put on the vehicle that was not in the lease. Do you think you will follow the recommendations made by the calculator? Explain why or why not. No, I will not follow the recommendations made by the buy versus lease calculator. I will not follow these recommendations because they are not suitable for someone like me. I like to keep my vehicle for as long as possible. I want to be able to won the vehicle after I have paid the loan in full. After I pay the loan off, the vehicle then becomes an asset to me. If for some reasons I fell into some hard times, I would be able to sell the vehicle and have cash to help pay down whatever debt that I needed to....
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