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COM 156 Week 1 Assignment My first challenge when writing a paper would be choosing the right topic for my audience. Sometime topics are assigned to you. When this happens, it can put more pressure on the writer to create an effective essay. Most of the time, the topic is normally something that you may not have any knowledge on. Also when choosing a topic, you want to make sure that you choose one that genuinely interests you. My second challenge would be making sure that my paper follows a tight structure. Structure is important when writing any type of essay. I would want to make sure that my paper contains an opening paragraph, several developmental paragraphs, and a strong closing paragraph. The third challenge for me would have to be time management. As a full time working parent and wife, there can be unexpected life occurrences and events that pop up. You are always working against a strict deadline when writing papers. Since I will be working under pressure with narrow constraints, it will be important for me to know how to
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