Altruism 3,3 - Altruism To what degree is it really...

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Altruism April 11, 2011 To what degree is it really unselfish Does true altruism exist- help others without any anticipated benefits New York- Queens- women brutally murdered with many witnesses that never called the police- bystander effect Bystander effect- tendency for any given bystander to be less likely to give aid if other bystanders are present—the decision-making process for bystander effect Several mechanisms contribute to this bystander effects o Ambiguity in the situation; individuals convince themselves heko is not needed o Pluralistic ignorance- everyone is responding to everyone else not acting o Diffusion of responsibility- if there is more people the less responsible you are to help them When people are alone, they are more likely to respond in an emergency than when they are—or think they are- with others, in part b/c of the diffusion of responsibility Monkeys have a pro social tendency Do people really help others with no intended benefit?- I believe so- professor does not because ppl might do nice things to feel like they are a good person or to appear good to others ATTRACTION Proximity Geographic nearness is a powerful predictor of attraction Repeapet exposure to novel stimuli increase their attraction (mere exposure effect)- applies to advertising- b/c the more you see something the more it resonates with you and the more you desire Only be attracted to the people that you meet
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Altruism 3,3 - Altruism To what degree is it really...

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