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exam 2 study guide[1]

exam 2 study guide[1] - RELIGION A 122 THE BOOK OF MORMON...

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RELIGION A 122 – THE BOOK OF MORMON BROTHER SMITH STUDY GUIDE – EXAM #2 Test information: 50 Questions, 100 points (No scriptures, no notes) Dates: Thursday, November 3 rd – Monday, November 7 th Late Day: Tuesday, November 8 th ($5.00 late fee assessed) Location: Testing Center (see testing.byu.edu for hours) Sources: Reading and in-class discussion (slides and quotes on Blackboard will help) Part I - People in the Book of Mormon (10 matching questions): Know generalities and story of each person, how they relate to each other, and their main teachings: Samuel the Lamanite Nephi, son of Helaman Nephi, son of Nephi Giddianhi Lachoneus Isaiah Malachi Elijah Part II - Events in the Book of Mormon (10 matching questions): Know information about storylines and corresponding chapters in Helaman 7-16 and 3 Nephi 1-30. (For example: Helaman 13: Samuel the Lamanite preaches repentance, 3 Nephi 11: The Savior appears to the people, etc.) Part III - Scriptural and Additional Reading Details (30 questions – multiple choice):
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