PracticeExam1 - Chemistry 111H Section 1 Practice Exam 1...

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1 Chemistry 111H Section 1 Name____________________________ Practice Exam 1 This exam consists of 8 problems on 8 pages worth 100 points. Please work in the space provided as much as possible. Much of the credit will be given for correctly setting up the problems; therefore, you must show all your work to receive full credit. Be sure to write out clearly what you are doing, since if I can't understand what you have done I cannot give you credit for your work. If you need additional space, clearly mark where to find your work. If you use extra pages, be sure that your name is on each of those pages. This exam is closed book and closed note. A periodic table along with formulae and additional information can be found at the end of the exam. If you feel that there is not enough information given in a question for you to properly answer the question, be sure to justify any assumptions you need to make. If you feel there are errors in the exam, you can use the phone at the testing center desk to call Dr. Asplund at 422-5275. THIS IS A 3-HOUR TIMED EXAM. I WILL BE TRACKING THE TIME THAT PEOPLE TAKE TO FINISH, BUT WILL NOT ASSESS SPECIFIC PENALTIES FOR THE FIRST TEST. Scores 1. __________ / 12 2. __________ / 10 3. __________ / 10 4. __________ / 15 5. __________ / 13 6. __________ / 10 7. __________ / 15 8. __________ / 15 Total __________ / 100 2 (12) 1. State whether each of the following statements is true or false? Correct any false statements
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PracticeExam1 - Chemistry 111H Section 1 Practice Exam 1...

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