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Unformatted text preview: Major Minerals Major Minerals in a 60 kg (132#) man Calcium Calcium Essential, along with phosphorus, to the formation of hydroxyapatite crystals of bones & teeth Other major roles – – – – Ion transport regulation, esp in nerve transmission Helps maintain normal BP Essential for muscle contraction Essential for blood clotting – Allows secretion of hormones, digestive enzymes, & neurotransmitters Calcium & Bone Density Calcium Ca continues to be deposited in bone up until about 26 years of age Bones serve as a kind of “bank” to help maintain proper blood level of Ca After about 40 yrs of age, bones begin to lose density, regardless of Ca intake, but higher Ca intake helps reduce losses Calcium Needs Calcium Adequate Intakes per DRI Adolescents 1300mg Adults 19­50 yrs 1000 mg Adults 51 yrs & up 1200 mg Calcium Absorption Calcium Higher % absorbed when intake is lower Infants & children absorb up to 75% Pregnant women absorb about 50% Adults absorb about 30% Absorption declines with increasing age in adulthood Calcium in Foods Calcium Milk, 1c Cheddar cheese, 1.5 oz Sardines, 3 oz Turnip greens, 1 c Waffle, 1 large Black­eyed peas, ½ c Broccoli, 1c 300 mg 306 mg 324 mg 197 mg 122 mg 105 mg 94 mg Calcium Absorption from Foods Milk, Yogurt and Cheese Group: Food Supply Servings, 1970-1996 Urinary Calcium Losses Urinary Appear to be increased with increased dietary protein Protein deprivation also increases Ca losses Colas increase losses in rats Losses appear to increase with increased dietary sodium ...
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