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PUBH 1517 - Nutrition Surveys

PUBH 1517 - Nutrition Surveys - Nutrition Surveys Nutrition...

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Unformatted text preview: Nutrition Surveys Nutrition Surveys Nationwide Food Nationwide Food Consumption Survey Conducted by USDA approx. every 10 years since 1935 Collects info on food consumption of households & selected individuals Most recent was 1987/88 Included 4495 households Continuing Survey of Food Continuing Survey of Food Intake of Individuals: CSFII Created 1985/86 (USDA) Nationwide dietary intake survey designed to be conducted annually Diet & Health Knowledge Survey is telephone follow­up – assesses attitudes as well as knowledge Combination called “What We Eat in America” Most recent report released 1998 re: intakes from 1994 through 1996 CSFII (cont.) CSFII (cont.) www.barc.usda.gov/bhnrc/foodsurvey/hom Latest results show that adult women fail to meet RDA for calcium, vit E, vit B6, magnesium, & zinc Adult men fail to meet RDA for vit E, magnesium, & zinc Fat accounts for 33% of calories Supplemental Children’s Survey conducted 12/97 to 11/98, results not yet reported as of publication of text (2000) Includes 5000 children through 9 years of age National Health & Nutrition National Health & Nutrition Examination Surveys (NHANES) First conducted from 1971 to 1974 by USDHEW (renamed DHHS in 1980) Subsequent surveys conducted 1976­1980 and 1988­1994. Hispanic HANES conducted 1982­1984. Survey includes medical history, physical measurements, biochemical eval, physical signs & symptoms, and diet info from food frequency questionnaires & 24­hr recalls National Nutrition Monitoring National Nutrition Monitoring & Related Research Act Passed October 1990 Key provisions include planning & coordinating the 22 federal agencies that review & implement nutritional surveys or services National Nutrition Monitoring Advisory Council established to complete this function Third Report on Nutrition Third Report on Nutrition Monitoring in the U.S. 1995 Prevalence of overweight still a concern Intake of total & saturated fat still above recommended levels for majority Anemia still a concern among children age 1­2, girls 12 to 19, women 20­59 9% to 13% of people in low­income households experience some degree of food insufficiency ...
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