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PUBH 1517 Basic Nutrition - Exam I Review 2

PUBH 1517 Basic Nutrition - Exam I Review 2 - organic means...

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organic means the presence of a carbon based molecule that is substantial to biologic life. CHO, fats, protein, and vitamins are considered organic nutrients, water and minerals are not. essential means that one must obtain it from their diet because the body does not make it. CHO- 4kcal/g Fat- 9kcal/g Protein- 4kcal/g Ethanol- 7kcal/g Minerals and fiber do not hold caloric value! RDA is based on a percentage of calories for nutrients and an upper limit value when pertaining to sodium and cholesterol.
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EAR-estimated average requirements RDA-recommended dietary allowance rda is the recommended amount of specific nutrient to satisfy the needs of nearly every individual of that age group, etc.: Ear is similar except its based on meeting only 50% of a given population. 50% of a nutrient would be met if the exact EAR was met. registered dieticians NO Nutrient Density explains that a particular food is rich in nutrients while not exceeding energy requirements. Ex. Baked potato vs. french fries
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