PUBH 1517 Basic Nutrition - FINAL EXAM Study Questions

PUBH 1517 Basic Nutrition - FINAL EXAM Study Questions -...

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Maintains normal fluid and electrolyte balance (HCL in the stomach) Chloride function Assist in nerve impulsive transmission and muscle contraction Potassium function Bone mineralization, immune system function Magnesium Function Where does most of the sodium in out diets come from? Processed foods What does the “P” stand for in ATP? P- Phosphate What typically causes potassium deficiency? Loss of excessive potassium by diarrhea, vomiting, dehydration Which energy nutrient usually contains sulfur? Protein What is the meaning of nutrient density? Measure of nutrient to energy. More nutrients and fwer Kcal the higher the nutrient density. What are the characteristics of a food group plan like the USA pyramid? According to similar nutrient content, amount of food needed from each group daily and is iseful for diet planning. Which vitamins are added in flour products and required for all refined foods? Folate 100% Thiamin 100% Riboflavin 100% Niacin 98& Iron 83% Zinc 36 % Fiber 24% Magnesium 23% What is the purpose of the bicarbonate in pancreatic juices? Neutralize acidic chime from duodenal walls. Which trace mineral has a function similar to Vitamin E? Copper Which foods are naturally rich sources of iodine? Iodized salt, seafood, baked potatoe, bread products, mi What is the relationship between copper and hemoglobin? Forming hemoglobin and collagen. Without it, can impa blood flow and disrupt metabolism. How does fluoride reduce tooth decay?
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PUBH 1517 Basic Nutrition - FINAL EXAM Study Questions -...

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