PUBH 1517 MASTER Class Notes (Dr. Goldberg)

PUBH 1517 MASTER Class Notes (Dr. Goldberg) - Nutrition...

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Unformatted text preview: Nutrition Winter 2010 Epidemiology – the study of the frequency and distribution of a disease in a population • Etiology – causes of a disease “The body heals itself” is an incomplete statement • If this was true, everyone would be healthy • A true statement would be: o “The body heals itself under the right conditions ” o i.e. You have to give a plant water or soil for the plant to be healthy Miracle – something occurs that breaks natural law • If you drop a pencil and instead of falling to the floor, it goes to the ceiling • If you lose an arm and it grows back Diet – the choice of food material that an animal consumes • Nutrition – “the sum total of all the processes and functions by which growth and development, maintenance and repair of the body and by which reproduction is accomplished” - Dr. Herbert Shelton o Diet is only one aspect of nutrition • If all you eat is raw meat, your on a raw meat diet • The terms diet and nutrition are not synonymous Women are usually more attentive to their health than men are. • You will usually have more women come into your practice than men unless your practice is in an industrialized area Natural Hygiene: Mans Pristine Way of Life – by Herbert Shelton Factors that Influence Health: Genetics and Environment • Genetics have a larger portion of play of what your health is going to be like than any other single factor o Not the only factor o Can be modified (changed) – genes can be turned on or turned off • Nutrition is a major interface between individual genetic predisposition, environmental factors, and the development of health disorders o Nutrition, properly understood, involves many areas and is complex o Understanding and addressing nutritional issues, however, opens the door to affecting many factors that are modifiable • Every tissue of the body is affected by nutrition • Environmental factors can influence how are genes are expressed Steps in the Nutrition Process • The transformation of raw materials into human flesh o Diet – the choice of foods an organism consumes o Mastication – the initial (first) step in the digestive process o Digestion – the breakdown of food products into small water and fat soluble molecules o Absorption – the transfer of the products of digestion through the intestinal membranes into the circulatory and lymphatic tissues o Assimilation – the transfer of the products of digestion and absorption through the blood and lymphatic systems into the individual cells of the body o Excretion – the excretion of waste at the cellular level , from the cells into the circulatory system o Elimination – the exit from the body of the waste products of the total nutrition process • This occurs via the bowels, urinary tract, respiratory tract, and through the skin • If these processes are impaired, it doesn’t matter how high the quality of food you are taking in is, improvement will not occur • You are what you eat – not true...
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This note was uploaded on 11/21/2011 for the course PUBH 1517 taught by Professor Paula.goldberg during the Winter '11 term at Life Chiropractic College West.

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PUBH 1517 MASTER Class Notes (Dr. Goldberg) - Nutrition...

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