CPAP 1615 - Chiropractic Principles - Quiz 1

CPAP 1615 - Chiropractic Principles - Quiz 1 - Principles...

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Principles of Chiro Quiz 1 1. What is intelligence ? a. the human capacity to reason b. the property that creates the relationships within an organized system that cause the organized actions of that system c. the immaterial self-organzing potential of the universe d. the organizing energy of a system 2. Intelligence a. is immaterial b. is recognized by its effect, which is organization c. is active in all matter d. all of the above 3. Organization always implies intelligent action. T / F 4. Universal intelligence is always expressed in the whole universe, and in any given part of the universe, and is always sufficient to create whatever organization is expressed . T / F 5. What is universal intelligence? a. the self-organizational consciousness inherent in all matter b. the self-organizational potential of the present universe c. the self-organizational potential that exists only when manifested in physical matter d. God 6. Universal Intelligence a. is the sufficient cause for only organization that currently exists b. is immaterial until is is expressed c. is unlimited, unchanging, and anthropomorphic d. the ability necessary to relate matter together into integrated units of structure but not function e. all of the above 7. Which of these does not apply to universal intelligence? a. creative (because it creates organization) b. passive (because matter is active) c. infinite in an infinite universe d. causes things to be what they are e. causes all properties/actions (motions) 8. Universal intelligence is expressed through cause and effect relationships and over time. T/ F 9. The principle of cause/effect and time a. confirms the super-naturalness of the universe b. is a primary assumption c. doesn't apply to universal intelligence because it is beyond time d. doesn't apply to the immaterial aspects of UI 10. UI is expressed through matter as organization by way of energy-mediated interactions. T / F 11. What is organization? a. universal intelligence b. the innate intelligence present in all matter c. specific parts moving in specific relationships with each other d. the relationship between matter
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12. Examples of organization exist at every level of organic, but not inorganic, activity. T / F 13. Which of these expresses organization? Choose all that apply. a. an atom
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CPAP 1615 - Chiropractic Principles - Quiz 1 - Principles...

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