CPAP 1615 - Sample Chiro Principles Paper

CPAP 1615 - Sample Chiro Principles Paper - If Chiropractic...

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If Chiropractic embraces “alternative therapies,” which “alternative therapies” would be congruent with Chiropractic's philosophic orientation and why? What might three possible professional relationships between a chiropractor and an alternative therapist be? Which one would be the ideal relationship, and why? In order to answer the question one must first determine where in the health care profession Chiropractic lies. Is it a mainstream option itself or is it an alternative as well? Depending on who you talk to, and what type of lifestyle they lead one will come up with different answers. Take for instance John Bland. He grew up in a Chiropractic family, never got immunization shots, and has never been on a prescription drug. To a person like John, the mainstream would be the Chiropractic lifestyle, but in reality, it is not. Chiropractic may seem mainstream because of physician referrals and the frequent role of Chiropractic in interdisciplinary teams in settings such as rehabilitation centers. Furthermore, visits to a chiropractor are commonly reimbursed by most health insurance plans. But Chiropractic is still considered a complementary and alternative form of healthcare because it is not regulated by medical practice statutes. Chiropractic is not currently taught in public universities-however many universities have tried- along with medical or nursing schools and does not include pharmaceuticals or surgery in its care of patients. Many Chiropractic students as
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CPAP 1615 - Sample Chiro Principles Paper - If Chiropractic...

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