CPAP 1615 - Universal Principles Mid Term Review

CPAP 1615 - Universal Principles Mid Term Review -...

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Unformatted text preview: Universal Principles 1. The universe exists as a single, dynamic structure of matter & energy, which has an inherent ability to self organize. This implies that the universe possesses a non-physical “consciousness” of itself as a self-organizing system, as well as the means necessary to express this consciousness through the continuous creation & re-creation of its own organization. Traditionally this self- organized consciousness has been called “universal intelligence”. Fundamental duality is b/t immaterial consciousness & physical substance Sinusoidal interface emphasizes interaction Contrasting dots indicates inter-dependence (in a ying-yang) Context of Principle 1: Presupposes existence of “natural universe” Establishes immaterial / material duality Establishes Mutual Independence Does not address origin of existence Meaning of “natural”: Cultural- Natural: unaltered by human manipulation Artificial: product of human manipulation Scientific- Natural: explainable w/ in scientific paradigm Supernatural: unexplainable in the current scientific paradigm Philosophic- Natural: part of the universe Meta-natural: spiritual, apart from universe Problem: Is universal intelligence ( UI ) natural?? Often interpreted as meta-natural Immaterial (can’t be measured, assessed, validated scientifically) Organizing principle / consciousness (assumed to be same thing as God) Infinite / Perfect intelligence (beyond capacity of natural world) Assumptions reinforced by DD, BJ & Stephenson's lack of philosophical clarity...
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CPAP 1615 - Universal Principles Mid Term Review -...

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