MICR 1531 Final Practice Exam Study Questions

MICR 1531 Final Practice Exam Study Questions - Reportable...

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Reportable diseases By law. Must be reported Notifiable diseases Can be reported on a voluntary basis CDC Center for Disease Control – local WHO World Health Organization – world wide Koch’s postulates Studied the transmission of antrax in cows and develop 4 postulates to prove the germ theory of disease. Find evidence of a microbe Origin of pathogens Reservoir- the pathogens habitat Source – immediate origin of the pathog Carrier – shelters the pathogen and sprea Asymptomatic Carrier Healthy while carrying the live bacteria Incubation Carrier – spreads during incubation Passive Carrier DO NOT have the microorganism inside them but carr the infectious agent to uninfected persons. Communicable disease Person to person directly or indirectly Contagious Pathogens are readily transmissible by direct contact. Non communicable A compromised person is invaded by his own flora Nasocomal Infections during hospital stays 3 Lines of Defense 1 st line of Defense Natural immunity that blocks it at the portal of energy. Non specific Physical barriers, Chemical or gfenetics. 2 nd line of defense Non specific but more sensitive. Phagocytic, inflammation, bone marrow, b1ood stream Phagocytosis Microorganisms that enter the host are engulfed bu phagocytic cells in lungs, lymphatic cells,
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Opsonization Coat the bacteria so the phag can get a hold of it and gra it. Hyperosmolarity _______ phagocytosis Inhibits Inflammatory response 1. Histamine dilates local capillaries to increase blood flow 2. Plasma escapes The edema and fibrin network limit the spread of the microorganism
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MICR 1531 Final Practice Exam Study Questions - Reportable...

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