MICR 1531 T Cell, B Cell and Immunity Info

MICR 1531 T Cell, B Cell and Immunity Info - So, yeah, what...

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So, yeah, what the hell are T helper and cytotoxic cells, antibody secreting cells, complement, and this whole antibody dependent versus independent immune reaction thing? The norms’ notes kinda suck on this and are more confusing than useful. Sometimes, you really do need to paint the picture to learn the info, so… this might help add some puzzle pieces that will put the rest of the material in a context. Prologue: MHC (aka major histocompatibility complex) is a receptor protein on cells that recognizes and binds to antigens (small peptides, garbage in interstitial fluid, etc). There are two varieties: the first type, MHC-I, is present on all body cells. It is one way of tagging our cells as “self.” The second type, MHC-II, is only present on antigen-presenting cells (APCs) such as dendrites, macrophages, and B cells. Antigen-presenting cells ingest microbes, toxins, and other debris, glue the digested parts to MHC-II, and stick it on the outside of their cell membranes sorta like the kid on the playground with a new toy – look at this!! See food!!! (bad joke but you all get the meaning) So, MHC-II-bearing cells will “present” antigens from stuff they ingested, while MHC-I-bearing cells will “present” antigens from inside : for example, if they are infected with a virus, they will chew up a little of it and post it on their surface, to let other cells know that they, well, need to be killed. T-cell mediated immune reaction:
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MICR 1531 T Cell, B Cell and Immunity Info - So, yeah, what...

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