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MICR 1531 Vaccinations Article - RJ Ferrance Commentary...

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J Can Chiropr Assoc 2002; 46(3) 167 Commentary Vaccinations: how about some facts for a change? Randy J Ferrance, DC, MD* Randy J Ferrance, DC, MD * 618 Hospital Road, Tappahannock, VA 22560, USA. Tel: 804-443-3311; email: rferrance@vcu.org leading to lymphoma and causing the AIDS epidemic, thimerosal preservatives leading to developmental dis- abilities, and the MMR vaccine leading to Crohn’s disease and autism. Some of these discussions have raised legiti- mate and thoughtful points; some have simply relied upon emotional rhetoric and haven’t troubled themselves with facts. Not troubling ourselves with facts may well have been acceptable in the time of chiropractic’s infancy – in fact, it would have been more the rule of that era than the exception – but now, I would submit, the time has come to cast off the cloak of dogma and enter the Twentieth Century so that we, as a profession, may then move on forward into the Twenty-First. An examination of how chiropractic, as a profession, has come to be so strongly associated with the anti- vaccination movement has been well documented in pre- vious papers, and in much more eloquent terms than I could possibly muster. 1,2,3 From our humble beginnings as the illegitimate love-child of a magnetic healer, the chiropractic profession has had a tendency to be distrust- ful of all things medical. This distrust was fostered – some might say to the point of inflammation – by “The Devel- oper,” BJ Palmer, who took the reigns of chiropractic while the profession was still a toddler, and BJ little more than an adolescent. At the wizened age of twenty, the man who nearly idolized PT Barnum was well on his way to emulating the ringmaster. 4,5 BJ Palmer outright and rather strenuously rejected the entire paradigm of the germ theory, which, in his defense, was little more than that – a theory – at the turn of the Twentieth Century. He had a much more colorful and, perhaps for the era, no less reasonable explanation for ill health: “Chiropractors have found in every disease that is supposed to be contagious, a cause in the spine . In the spinal column we will find a subluxation that corresponds to every type of disease. If we had one hundred cases of small-pox, I can prove The greater the ignorance, the greater the dogmatism. Sir William Osler, Chauvinism in Medicine , 1902 The discussion of vaccines is one that, more often than not, evokes some rather spirited disagreements within the chiropractic community. Nearly every issue of every chiropractic journal or newspaper, has something – a letter, an article, an advertisement – discussing vaccines, and almost never in a positive manner. Over the past several years we’ve heard allegations of the polio vaccine
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168 J Can Chiropr Assoc 2002; 46(3) Commentary to you where, in one, you will find a subluxation and you will find the same conditions in the other ninety-nine. I adjust one and return his functions to normal. . .. There is no contagious disease. . .. There is no infection. . .. There is a cause internal to man that makes
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MICR 1531 Vaccinations Article - RJ Ferrance Commentary...

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