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ANLS 1618 Fixation Theories

ANLS 1618 Fixation Theories - A due to reduction of...

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Question 1 Match the answer to the correct topic - Korr's fixation theory - results from trauma and immobilization - caused by unilateral fixation due to sprain - Articular adhesions - reduction of glycosaminoglycqans results in - Adhesive capsulitis - get trapped in the apophyseal/facet joints leading to degeneration of the joint surface - Lack of motion equals
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Unformatted text preview: A. due to reduction of glycosaminiglycans B. increase in water C. due to reduction of aminoglycoglycans D. decrease in water E. fibrous adhesions F. Stoddards theory G. result from inflammation of synovial w/ exudates H. lack of nutrition I. Pellegra's theory J. meniscoid K. muscle spindle fibers L. capsular ligaments...
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